About Katelyn

Born and raised in Massachusetts, I love going for runs on crisp fall mornings, paddle boarding on sunny summer days, and going on adventures during the unpredictable-yet-always-exciting New England blizzards. When I’m feeling more like a hermit, I’m watching New Girl re-runs, catching up with close friends and family, or experimenting with recipes in my kitchen. With a mix of Italian, Spanish, and Irish ethnicity, I grew up eating anything and everything under the sun. With my grandparents famous for Chilean empanadas and homemade apple pie, I discovered the pure joy of cooking and a love for food at a young age.

Like many people, my relationship with food has not always been sunshine and rainbows. As a teenager with a not-fully-developed brain, I had a black-and-white mindset around nutrition. Food was either healthy or harmful to my body. At one point, I could not eat a burger without believing it would “clog my arteries.” Makes complete sense, right? With time (and therapy and years spent challenging my twisted perception of nutrition), I learned that eating this way was not only leaving me malnourished, but also no way to live. Through intuitive eating I learned to appreciate all foods, from kale to cake, and eat in a way that left me feeling my best physically and emotionally. Now, no foods are off limits because deprivation left me hangry, food-obsessed, and socially isolated. Plus, what’s a birthday without cake or a campfire without S’mores? No fun, my friends. 

While I am far from perfect, healing my relationship with food and my body has allowed me to uncover the happiest and healthiest version of myself. I hope if you’re struggling with your relationship with food or your body that Nutrition Served Simply can be a positive presence in your life.

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Questions, comments, or thoughts? I would love to hear from you! Email me at nutritionservedsimply@gmail.com or follow me on Facebook or Pinterest.