Hi! Welcome to Nutrition Served Simply

I’m Katelyn, the nutritionist and foodie behind this site. I started Nutrition Served Simply (NSS) to help make sense of the ever-changing nutrition research and food trends buzzing in the media. With a background in nutrition science and psychology, I hope to show you that nutrition and healthy living does not need to be complicated or stressful. On this blog, I focus on making healthy eating simple, satisfying, and balanced with all the pleasures and stressors that come with life.

My Food Philosophy

While I find nutrition science fascinating (nerd alert!), I believe food is about much more than calories and nutrients. More than nourishment at the cellular level, food plays a huge role in our physical, emotional, and social health and wellbeing. Here are a few of my core beliefs:

  • Nutrition is a science too often complicated by myths, misinformation, and negativity
  • Eating whole foods most of the time lets us feel our best physically—healthy, strong, and full of energy
  • Listening to our hunger and fullness (free of food rules, fear, and guilt) is equally important for our emotional and psychological health
  • Balancing food, fitness, and mindfulness with all of life’s ups and downs is the key to living our happiest and healthiest lives

What You’ll Find Here

  • Q&A: Where I answer your food and nutrition questions. Send me a question here and I’ll respond to it in a post.
  • Nutrition: An overview of basic nutrition topics (Nutrition 101), a summary and translation of the latest nutrition news and research (Nutrition Latelyn), and a deeper look at how nutrition fits into a healthy, happy lifestyle (Nutrition Real Talk)
  • Food & Recipes: Simple ways to make healthy eating tasty and stress-free with grocery shopping, meal prep, and cooking tips (Tasty Tips), and recipe collections organized by cooking method or types of foods (Recipe Roundup)
  • Slices of Life: Everything else! Here I share personal stories about how I try (and sometimes fail at) balancing food and nutrition with my love for fitness, mindfulness, travel, family and friends.

If you’re curious about what inspired me to share my love for food, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle on this blog, read my personal story here.

Disclaimer: The information presented on this site is my own personal and professional opinions about food, nutrition, and wellness. This information is not intended for diagnosis or medical treatment. Any personal health-related questions should be directed to your medical doctor or dietitian.

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